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Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of restoring and refining the clarity and reflection of paint work on a vehicle this process can involve clay barring, hand or machine sanding and dual action polishing involving several different paint compounds and polishes.


Paint correction is usually needed Fallout such as bird droppings hard water spots and tree sap damage, this damage is not only surface but also penetrates a circle this damage is usually undetected by touch but highly visible to the eye.

In proper care and unexperienced detailers can also leave micro scratches, buffing trails and hazing which greatly reduce the reflectivity of the paint. Proper cleaning decontamination along with the proper sanding techniques can just about resolve any of these issues.

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  • Step 1 50% to 70% correction rate light polishing pricing starts at $150 and up


  • Step 2 70% to 85% correction rate medium polishing prices start at $250


  • Step 3 85% to 95% correction rate heavy polishing pricing starts at $350 and up

Price start at $75 and are subject to change

(removing light scratches swirls and minor to moderate paint problems)