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Overspray Removal

Too often mistakes are made by painting companies by not using the proper prep technique before painting vehicles overspray can often find its way on cars, boats,trailers and planes often involving epoxy,urethane, cement sealers or silicone based paint.

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Look great and protect your car's finish with our top-quality hand waxing services.

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Our process of overspray removal does not jeopardize the integrity our process of overspray removal does not jeopardize the integrity of your vehicle's finish and does not involve any harsh chemicals we can remove overspray from glass,plastic and painted surfaces, we've probably been responsible for saving companies and customers thousands of dollars and have prevented several insurance claims being placed against policies. Please contact us today before making a claim against your insurance policy and remember no matter how significant the overspray damage is I guarantee the out-of-pocket cost be a lot less than your deductible.



***** All pricing discussed is introductory pricing only overspray pricing is quoted upon inspection ***